“Split” Splits Audiences

Scary movies have never really been my thing.  I am terrified of possession movies and most really graphic and gory horror movies just gross me out.  That’s not to say that I don’t really enjoy the occasional scary Halloween movie or a really good psychological thriller.  Split was an awesome thriller, in my opinion.

Split is about a man named Kevin (played by James McAvoy) with multiple personalities.  He clearly has many different people that live in his brain.  As the story progresses we meet a variety of them.  McAvoy plays the part incredibly believably as he needs to really act the parts out of multiple people in his role.  The scary part of it all? This guy kidnaps three teenage girls and keeps them locked up in a room where he lives.  It’s not just him that is keeping the girls there though.  His other personalities are keeping the girls captive as well.  The girls must figure out which personality will help them escape.  M. Night Shyamalan directed this film, so of course right off of the bat everyone is expecting a surprise ending.  I can’t say that he disappoints. Anya Taylor-Joy of The Witch plays one of the girls abducted.  As a relatively young actress, I think she pulled off a very serious role really well.

Because my fiance and I are real romantics, we went and saw Split on Valentine’s Day (aren’t we the cutest?).  It was also $5 movie Tuesday, so it was quite a packed theater.  Our experience had us feeling like audiences had two very different views on this film.  Some were laughing at the awkwardness between the different personalities.  I didn’t love the fact that this was happening, because it was insensitive to those who do have mental disorders in real life and it was also annoying.  Some still were yelling at the screen at the end and calling the film dumb.  I left feeling very intrigued by dissociative identity disorder and what it entails.  I also felt like I should really make sure my car doors are always locked even when I’m in the car.  I guess different people are interested in different things.

What did you think of Split?

Have a great week lovelies!