Z: The Beginning Of Everything Is A Gatsby-Fan’s Dream

When I want to stream a show online, my first go-to is always Netflix.  Hulu is up there if I’m looking for TV shows.  Amazon is great for certain hard to find movies and shows, but it isn’t usually my first pick for originals.  Then I heard about this new show coming out called Z: The Beginning of Everything.  And I was hooked on an Amazon original.

After reading The Great Gatsby for the first time in high school, I was instantly interested in F. Scott Fitzgerald as a writer.  He was from Minnesota, which wasn’t ever exactly a hotbed of famous people in the grand scheme of things.  He got a lot of his inspiration for the book from real life events.  It seemed so glamorous.

Later in college, I learned more about his life and his relationship with his wife Zelda.  They were like that generation’s Beyonce and Jay-Z.  They were well-known and popular, partied a lot, and drama seemed to follow them.  They were basically just living the life of the young and famous, not much different from what the life of the young and famous is like today, except without Instagram.  The whole thing is just a really interesting story.  Frankly, I’m surprised it has taken this long to bring some sort of depiction of their relationship to the screen.

The show’s first season is all the beginning stages of the Scott and Zelda relationship.  It depicts it all, the mostly true (although some is not: check out this article here), always the interesting layers of their relationship.  The show does a good job at navigating through the story without the jumps in time being too jarring.  Christina Ricci, although not physically that similar to the real Zelda Fitzgerald, does a very good job at displaying the emotions of someone in a loving but also strained relationship. David Hoflin, who plays Scott, is incredibly compelling as a character everyone wants to like but also slightly doesn’t like because of his actions.  David Strathairn, who plays Judge Sayre, is a very easily believable accurately named judgmental father character.

The show is 10 episodes long and it’s an easy binge-watch.  Anyone who loves period pieces or just loves Fitzgerald’s writing should give this show a chance. It’s different from anything you’ve probably watched before.

What do you think of Amazon originals? Do you have a favorite?

Have a great day lovelies!