Joanne Shows Gaga’s Growth As An Artist

When I was 17, I experienced my first non-PG level concert.  It was full of grinding dancers, expletives being shouted by the opening singer, and risque jokes being made by the main performer.  Being a teenager who had only been to very few concerts, I was completely taken aback, but was blown away by the performance.  Lady Gaga gave an incredible show and never seemed to get tired throughout the entire concert.  She went from dancing a very cardio-based dance in incredibly high stiletto boots to singing high notes at the top of her lungs to getting incredibly lost in her piano playing.  She wore elaborate costumes, employed crazy talented back up dancers, and spoke to the audience like she really did love each and every one of us.  I cheered so much, I lost my voice.  I left that concert overwhelmingly happy that I had experienced it, even if I didn’t have floor seats.

As other Super Bowl viewers can attest, Lady Gaga still has it.  She works hard and it shows.  Her new album, Joanne, has been out since October, but is now getting some spotlight as she announced her Joanne World Tour.

The album isn’t as pop-y as The Fame.  It isn’t as classy as Cheek to Cheek.  It isn’t as big-statement as Born This Way.  But it is all real and it is all her.  In “Joanne,” Gaga sings about losing a loved one and working through those feelings.  In “Diamond Heart” Gaga starts out the album with a kick, with a really fun beat, but also with lyrics that you can tell mean something like “I might not be flawless, but you know I’ve got a diamond heart.”  Other noteworthy songs include “Million Reasons” and “Sinner’s Prayer.”  Gaga showcases her voice abilities in this album, but the beats are all fun enough to make this an easy pick to keep in the car to jam out to.

What did you think of Gaga’s Super Bowl performance?  What do you think of her album?

Have a great day lovelies!