Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Takes Interesting Turn *Warning–Spoilers Ahead*

I have been looking forward to this Gilmore Girls reboot on Netflix since it was first announced.  I adore Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, as well as Amy Sherman-Palladino’s incredible writing style she crafted when she first put together Gilmore Girls.  And I feel horrible for even wanting to say it…but Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life sort of fell below my expectations.

First let me just reiterate: this post is going to be full of spoilers.  Please do not read this if you don’t want to know what happened.  This might also be difficult to follow if you aren’t a fan of GG. Alright, at this point I warned you.  Here we go.

I loved Gilmore Girls growing up.  I loved that Lorelai and Rory were stylish, told it like it was, had great taste in music and books, and always reacted to hilarious scenarios with wit and grace.  They both loved coffee and had the weirdest and funniest friends.  Both of them were far from perfect though, and I really thought that their reactions to life situations were relatable and realistic.  My sisters, my mom, and I watched the show religiously, even after it went off the air.  The creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, separated from the show for its 7th season (it sounds like she was sort of edged out), but was more than happy to come back for the revival.  She didn’t say it, but this was her chance to come back and end the show the way she originally intended.  Personally, I loved the original ending…but that’s just me.  I like happy endings.

The revival started out pretty strong with the Winter episode.  All of these characters were back for somewhat cheesy, but loving moments that had fans fangirling hard.  From there…I don’t really know.

The episodes following had me floundering a bit.  What was with the weird long musical?  It seemed out of place and a bit boring. Rory having a one night stand with a Wookiee?  What?  And Rory was having an affair with an engaged Logan!  Would Logan really be happy to do that with her when he had originally said it was “all or nothing” when he proposed?  Would Rory want to be the other woman again after what happened with Dean?  As a 32-year-old, would Rory still be okay bouncing around and not having any permanent residence (not that she had to like settle down, but would having her own space instead of sleeping on all of these people’s couches really have been that bad?)?  The Paul thing (her boyfriend she keeps forgetting that she has) seemed more mean-spirited than funny.

After 9 years and their history, I have a really hard time believing that Luke and Lorelai wouldn’t already be married or have kids if that was what they wanted.  The ads leading up to the revival featured a few photos of apples, which were Lorelai’s craving food when she was pregnant with Rory.  It was a bit of a tease.

I thought it was cool that Lorelai did the Wild thing and wanted to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, but I sort of thought it would’ve been more fitting for Rory since she was so unsure of herself.  The Across the Universe-esque montage of Rory with the Life and Death Brigade was cool and very Amy Sherman-Palladino (she was wearing the same type of hat that ASP wears in all of the interviews she does), but it didn’t fit the Gilmore Girls feel.

Speaking of not fitting the feel, the dialogue, while mostly solid, seemed a bit odd.  I liked that they incorporated a bit more swearing because it’s realistic, but there were a few spots that it seemed over the top and out of character. Emily yelling “Bullsh*t” at the DAR ladies for example.  While I’m glad she dropped those ladies and it seemed fitting since she lost Richard to leave that world and go off on her own, it also seemed that she wasn’t exactly the same.  I get that that would be fitting since she lost her husband, but to completely become this carefree person who used to be uptight and care about money so much just seemed a bit too much like a light switch change to me.

Paris Gellar also seemed to follow this.  Brilliant and a go-getter, this lady got through her schooling to do something medical and incorporating law.  She’s done a ton with her life. She’s confident and sure of herself. She would not freak out over an old high school crush at an alumni event.  It was sort of insulting to imply she would.

The end was a bit annoying as well. Those last four words, admitting that Rory was pregnant would have worked pretty well if Rory was 22 like she was in the 7th season.  It would’ve seemed more full circle than it was in this revival.  We get it, Logan and Christopher are similar.  Jess and Luke are similar.  Rory will probably be similar to her mother in some ways.  It was a nice little ending, but again, annoying if all she wanted to do with this storyline was get back to where she wanted it.

The things I did like out of this revival were the wedding that Lorelai and Luke had and how Kirk was apart of that, the Mae Whitman cameo, the Carol King music, Kirk’s pig Petal, the ever-so-quirky cultural references, and the way they portrayed Richard’s death.

Who wrote the letter to Emily?  Did Rory stay on as the editor of the Stars Hollow Gazette?  Would Rory ever go back to Jess?  I guess we’ll never know.  I don’t usually do this, but I guess if I had to rate it, 3/5 stars.  It was okay, but not up to my crazy high expectations.

Also, ASP, I still love you and think you’re crazy talented.  I will probably watch these episodes again. I just disagree with the way you did it.

What did you guys think?

Have a great weekend lovelies!