Spotlight On Spotlight

I love all kinds of movies.  Because Halloween was recent, I’ve seen a lot of scary movies lately.  I always watch a lot of light and funny movies too.  Something I haven’t seen much of lately are really good dramas.  I decided to give the movie Spotlight on Netflix a go.  It was an award winner after all (it was the major Oscar winner last year).

Spotlight blew me away.  There’s no more subtle way of saying it.  I was really shocked at how much I was sucked into the storyline.  The first 15 or so minutes had me a little bit less than enthused.  It was a lot of setting up the story and all I could really focus on was how unimpressed I was with what was happening (a whole lot of nothing–or so I thought).  I’m glad I kept watching though, because the story was one that really grabbed hold of me and didn’t let go.

The story follows a group of journalists in the part of the Boston Globe newspaper called “Spotlight.”  The group uses investigative journalism to uncover stories that may take months at a time.  A new editor comes in and assigns the team a story about a sexual abuse case in Boston involving a priest and young children.  As the team sets out to uncover the story, they receive more information about the Catholic church in Boston than they first thought they would.

The story itself is sad and gut wrenching, but also thrilling as the journalists slowly unravel the story.  You find yourself cheering them on as the movie keeps going.  What makes it more interesting/sad/scary/crazy is that this story is based on real life.  It’s a true story and it makes you really believe to your core than journalism is something good.  This is just my personal opinion as I really enjoy journalism myself, but it’s true.  It’s good to find out things that can help others (sorry if this is too spoiler-y, but hey, it happened in real life, so you can’t really be surprised by what I’m alluding to).

Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, and Rachel McAdams were incredibly talented in this film.  I also was impressed with Brian d’Arcy James, who played a journalist on the Spotlight team who had a particularly hard time keeping the investigation a secret.

This kind of film will have you thinking for a long time.





What are other intense drama films have you been watching on Netflix lately?  Are you guys as excited for the new Gilmore Girls episodes coming next week as I am?

Have a great weekend lovelies!