Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Is Surprisingly Delightful

With a name like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, one would expect this show to either be a suspenseful stalker thriller or a sort of depressing documentary.  This is not either of those things.  This TV show is a hilarious hour-long-episode musical show.  Surprised?  Me too.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a CW network TV show (also now on Netflix) about Rebecca Bunch, twenty-something lawyer who realized that she wasn’t really happy with her cushy New York job.  As she walked down the street, trying to fend off a panic attack, she ran into her childhood summer camp boyfriend that she hadn’t seen since she was 16.  He explained that he was moving back to his hometown of West Covina, California.  On a whim, Rebecca decided to move to West Covina.  While everyone she knows thinks it is because of Josh (the ex-boyfriend) that she moves, she insists that it is not the case.

Crazy antics and awkward situations make this show what it is.  As a viewer, many will find themselves gasping at the screen and peeking through their fingers at what happens next as they giggle nervously for Rebecca.  The musical outbursts break up this show so that it always feels light and fun, even if the situations aren’t.  The show is also amazingly written in that it is somehow completely relatable.  Rebecca is zany and a little offbeat, but she’s completely real with how she feels.

Rachel Bloom, who plays Rebecca, is a fun actress.  I personally have never seen her in anything else before this, but her acting reminds me of a funny and dramatic friend.  If it actually is her that sings each song, she’s very talented musically as well.

Some of my favorite songs from Season One of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend include the theme song, “West Covina,” “I Have Friends,” “Textmergency,” and “Settle for Me.”  They’re hilarious.  Binge watch the first season on Netflix before it comes back to TV in October.

Have you seen the show?  What did you think of the comedy-musical combo?

Have a great weekend lovelies!