Stranger Things Is Your New Favorite Thing About Netflix

I started hearing rumblings (or reading rumblings) about the new Netflix show Stranger Things on Buzzfeed a few weeks ago.  This was around the same time as the ad for Stranger Things hit regular TV channels and also played on the top of the Netflix site whenever you pulled it up.  I wasn’t truly curious until celebrities I follow on Instagram started raving about it.  A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I had date night in with Netflix and sushi.  We then proceeded to finish the first season of the show (the only season out so far) in about a week.  Same story, different day.  The show’s storyline, however?  It was a very different story than anything I had ever seen before.

The story starts in the 1980s, with young 12-year-old Will Byers heading home from his friend’s house.  He doesn’t make it home.  Following the disappearance of Will, weird things start to happen in the small town in Indiana.  Lights flash at unsettling moments.  Others go missing.  A young girl with a shaved head and a hospital gown shows up in the woods.  Following these incidents, Will’s three best friends decide to go on a mission to find him.

The show is science fiction, but it doesn’t fit all of the boxes that science fiction normally would for me.  Science fiction tends to confuse me and make me very lost.  This story starts very slowly and simply and builds into the confusion.  Stories like this are the kind you want to be confused about, because it keeps you wanting more answers.  This story combines a bit of science fiction with horror, comedy, and even romance.  Most shows would not be able to make this work, but Stranger Things does.

Stranger Things reminds me very slightly of The Goonies.  It’s a great story of friendship to it’s core.  It’s also just plain mind-bending.  I would recommend this show to anyone, whether it sounds like their kind of show or not.

What did you think of Stranger Things? Did it live up to the hype for you?

Have a great week lovelies!