Zac Brown Band Concert Warms Up Chilly Minnesota Day

Summer is such a great time for concerts.  They’re so fun and entertaining.  Over Memorial Day Weekend, my sister and I decided to see the Zac Brown Band in their Black Out the Sun tour at Target Field in Minneapolis.  They did not disappoint!

I had never been to a country concert before, but I was excited.  The Zac Brown Band is just one of those bands with music that is just happy.  Whenever I hear them I’m reminded of the beach and sunshine and I don’t think I’ve ever been in a bad mood listening to them. I had also never been to Target Field.  I have to say, it was an awesome choice in venue.

The weather was a bit iffy as it looked like it might rain.  It did mist for awhile, but eventually it warmed up a tad and there was no rain.  What else would you expect from Minnesota in late May?

I wasn’t prepared for how big the Zac Brown Band would be.  It was like ten people up on stage!  The whole group is crazy talented with the instruments they played and Zac Brown’s voice is unique in it’s twangy, yet sharp, voice.  I was really happy to know that they played a lot of their most popular songs and a ton of covers!  Between my sister and I, we knew all of the songs that were played.  I loved that even though they are primarily a country band, they played other genres of music as well.  The band played “The Way You Look Tonight” (originally from Frank Sinatra), “Teenage Wasteland” (originally from The Who), “Let’s Go Crazy” (originally from Prince), and “SOB” (originally from Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats) to name a few of the covers.  I was very impressed!  The whole time I was thinking about how much my parents would’ve enjoyed this concert too, because it was an all ages concert atmosphere.

My favorite originals that were played were “Chicken Fried,” “Toes,” “Knee Deep,” and “Free.”  They were even better live, if that’s even possible.  The high energy had everyone in the audience dancing the entire time.  I wore the wrong shoes for such a high energy concert, but I kept dancing anyway.

The Zac Brown Band was worth every penny and I would very much consider seeing them again if I have the money in the future.  It was my second favorite concert, only to Jason Mraz, who was also amazing.  I would’ve said they tied, but I really enjoy when the artists interact with the audience and talk with them between songs and I didn’t feel like the band did that a whole lot. It was still amazing though.  Highly recommend!

Have an awesome start to your summer guys and gals!