11.23.63, The Show For History Buffs And Fiction Lovers Alike

Have you ever just picked a show to watch for the hell of it and just ended up watching for hours straight?  Yeah, me too.  A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I came across 11.23.63 on Hulu (yeah I know, I watch a lot of TV, judge me all you want) and since it was a miniseries (like 8 episodes total), we decided to go for it.  We get a lot of rain in the early summer/late spring in our area, so I didn’t really feel bad about staying indoors a lot over that weekend.

11.23.63 is about a character named Jake Epping, played by James Franco, who comes across a way to get back to 1963 and try to save JFK from being assassinated.  There’s a lot of lead up to the potential assassination and therein lies the story.  The show is based on the novel by Stephen King and even though it isn’t the usual scary story he writes, it still thrills.

Franco gives a surprising performance as Epping.  He really nails the character on the head.  Originally very cautious and unsure about the whole thing, Epping slowly becomes immersed in the time as events unfold and Franco delivers this perfectly.  This is a surprise to me as Franco is usually in comedies and I haven’t seen him in a lot of serious roles before.

The story itself is wonderfully done.  It will make you want to look up all sorts of conspiracy theories.  You’ll never hear the phrase “You shouldn’t be here” the same again.  If you have eight hours to spare, I’d just suck it up and watch it.  You won’t be disappointed and it’ll make you look up some history to decipher what’s fiction and what is actually real.

Have a perfect week lovelies!