A Look Back On Last Year’s Big Award Winning Movie: Birdman

Because award season is coming up yet again for movies, I decided it was probably time to try to catch up on last year’s major award winning movies.  Meaning I watched Birdman on HBO finally.

Throughout all of the award shows last year, Birdman was referred to again and again as this great groundbreaking performance.  It won the Academy Award for Best Picture.  Michael Keaton won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.  I had high expectations.  Let’s be real, I have high expectations for most movies.  But this was absolutely the most overrated movie I’ve seen in a very long time.

I’m a huge fan of Emma Stone and Michael Keaton.  Although I didn’t know much about Edward Norton, I knew he was on SNL that one time and he seemed like he could be a decent actor.  The movie was about an actor trying to stay relevant by writing, directing, and starring in an adaptation of an old story for a Broadway play.  Sound pretty straight forward?  It was not.  It was so weird.

I love art.  I enjoy watching indie movies with obscure meanings and laughing when I don’t get it.  I like metaphors as much as the next person.  But I didn’t really enjoy Birdman.

Throughout the movie, Michael Keaton’s character Riggan Thompson is haunted by a voice in his head that is supposedly the superhero character he’s most well known for: Birdman.  At the beginning it seems like Riggan has some sort of powers or something, but as the movie moves along, we find out he’s kind of losing it.  He’s obsessed with this play that is his baby more than his actual child (Emma Stone) and just wants to be well known when he eventually kicks the bucket.

The part that was seemingly the end was predictable. The actual very end was not quite so predictable, I’ll give them that.  The whole rest of the story seemed to scream “Privileged white man has mid-life crisis.”  To be fair, I think a lot of movies do that, but there was something about this movie in particular that was off-putting.  I think as an audience we were supposed to feel something for Keaton’s character, but I really didn’t.  I think it was more or less the storyline.

I can only imagine this movie got so many awards because those making the decisions about who gets the awards were like “Wow, this is just so true” because it was about an actor and most of those award decision making people are in that business we call show.

If you push aside the majority of the movie that is annoying and pretentious, there is some really great background music and cinematography that’s going on.  The shot in which Emma Stone’s character is yelling at Riggan looks super cool and seems to flow great with the scene.  Besides those two things, I’m not sure the movie is worth watching.  Just FYI.

As for movies that are coming out that look like award contenders, I really want to see The Danish Girl and The Revenant.  Both look great and that acting looks superb.  Will this year be the year Leonardo DiCaprio finally gets his Oscar? What award contending movies are coming out that you want to see?  Comment away!

Have a great day lovelies!

Photo Credit: newyorker.com
Photo Credit: newyorker.com